??Argentine Cuisine!


January 14, 2012 – Our team met for our second orientation meeting in Pocatello, Idaho at the home of Rich and Kathy Kirkham. We learned a little about Argentine cuisine and if its anything like what we ate at the Kirkhams, we will really enjoy the food. This photo shows a yummy plate of ??oquis which are like tiny italian dumplings and an empanada con carne, which is a flaky little turnover with meat inside. They also are made with fruit or filling and are called empanada dulce. Speaking of dulce (which means sweet) we had a jar of delicious dulce de leche, a sort of creamy carmel made from milk that makes everything taste good! We also tried mate, an herbal tea that is famous in Argentina, and mineral water. Fun lunch!

2 thoughts on “??Argentine Cuisine!

  1. I really really loved the gnocchi and am so excited about all the Italian food influences in Buenos Aires!

  2. Hi everybody! I’m glad you’ve already tried some Argentinian food and that you liked it!I??m gonna tell rotarians that you really enjoy ??oquis!

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