Prepping for the adventure of a lifetime!

I’ve been accused before of over preparing and over thinking things. This once-in-a-lifetime journey to Argentina is no exception 🙂

We’re fortunate to have a team leader (Rich Kirkham) that is doing all he can to get our group of five fantastic and intelligent women ready for whatever awaits us. In between our monthly meetings we have homework on Rotary, the amazing and dynamic history of Argentina, and research on our own state in order to prepare us to represent Idaho and our communities well.

On my own time, I’m trying to do what I can to bolster that group prep.

Books: Case in point ??? the stack of reading that awaits me on my end table. Thanks to my boyfriend Kevin for the slew of books about all things Argentine ??? from food to culture, customs to literature.


Language: Perhaps most intimidating to me is grasping a basic understanding of Spanish so I can communicate respectfully. I fully realize that being immersed for a month+ will be the best way for me to learn the language. But I’m doing everything I can before we land in Buenos Aires to better my chances of communicating with our hosts. Here’s how I’m prepping
Conversation: Speaking of the value of conversational learning, I’m really attempting to speak more in Spanish in daily life. From interactions with my boyfriend, to my colleagues who know Spanish, to the wonderful patrons at Tango’s Argentine Empanadas ??? I am trying to overcome my embarrassment at not being perfect and just speak.

Culinary: This perhaps has been the easiest prepping 🙂 For Christmas I received a half-dozen bottles of Argentine Malbec and have been reading about the Mendoza region in Wine Spectator and other wine magazines. Tango’s Empanadas has been amazing for supplying real Argentine foods from Yerba Mate to Dulce de Leche to those pockets of deliciousness known as empanadas. I am excited to share my love of food with a culture that seems to have a true social and cultural connection to meals.

3 thoughts on “Prepping for the adventure of a lifetime!

  1. Awesome! I especially support the Malbec prep. Very important. I’m looking forward to following your adventure!Lisa

  2. Hello Jessica, it’s nice to read that you are reading about our culture and history. I’m writing this comment to offer you and the others team members my service. I’m a History Teacher, so I can help with that subjetc. And, I own a wine shop and I think that I can help you with the Malbec too ;D By the way, It would be great if you want to practise your spanish using Skype. Our english is not bad, but there are not people to speak your language every day here. Please, feel free to write us and ask all you need to know. We will be happy to help. We are looking forward to meet all you. Greetings from Argentina, SilvioPD (I hope you could understand my english 😛 )

  3. ??Hola Silvio! Gracias por escribir. Estoy muy emocionado visitar la Argentina. Me encantan vinos tintos 🙂 Vamos a visitar Santa Rosa, Trenque Lauquen, Bolivar, Coronel Suarez, Tandil, General Madariaga, y Mar del Plata(??Lo siento por mi pobre espanol!)

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