Rotary Ubiquity

   As a GSE team member, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot about the International Rotary Foundation.  I am constantly impressed with the involvement and personal investment of Rotarians for global projects based on basic literacy and education and water and sanitation (a few of many examples).  As a registered nurse, I am particularly interested in the Polio Plus program, and look forward to participating in this movement in the future.

   I now have an ‘eye’ for all things Rotary and was suprised to learn the Annual Great Snake River Green Belt Duck Race (a fundraiser for further development of our wonderful Green Belt), held here in Idaho Falls, is made possible by none other than the IF Rotary Club. During an everyday drive downtown, I also noticed Rotary had ‘left their mark’ on this marquee, which was likely donated by the Rotary Club.  I’m so grateful to take a small part in this wonderful organization!