Hospital Visit – Liz

Early this morning Dr. Jose Benavidez, a general surgeon, picked me up and took me to the main hospital of Santa Rosa La Pampa.  My Spanish language skills are almost non-existent and the language barrier was thick.  However, everyone I met was very kind and willing to try and communicate.  I observed two tonsillectomies and one laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder surgery).  Later I met Dr. Stella Lanari, another general surgeon who happened to speak English very well and we discussed surgeries and healthcare systems in our countries.  Due to lack of funds, the biggest difference I noticed was that their hospital uses much older and much less technology than we do.  They also reuse many supplies that would otherwise be thrown away in Idaho.  I am so grateful I got to visit!  I really enjoyed myself.  The pictures I have included:

1) The parking lot

2) The older section of the hospital

3) Tonsil surgery on a little boy

4) Carina Tamalet, RN washing instruments…our sterilization techniques are a bit more rigorous than in Santa Rosa.

5) Specimens (an appendix) to be sent to pathology)

6) Charting is about one paragraph.  My required charting in Idaho takes up several pages. 

7) Stella, myself, and an anesthesia technician.


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  1. Thanks Liz. Great post and pics. That charting entry is a stark contrast from our (US) standard. I’m working with an OpenEMR client and the customization of a portion of one screen for encounters is more detailed than that entire note.

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