14 Things Brooke Has Learned in Argentina

In the week I have been in Argentina I have learned that:

1. The love for animals and dogs is clear and universal, and that dogs do not care what language I am speaking as long as I give them food and pet them!
2. My habit of using my hands when I speak has significantly increased my ability to be understood.
3. Music can help start any conversation
4. Just smiling speaks volumes
5. Facebook and skype make saying good bye easier and Google translate is awesome!

I have also learned that:
6. The gunshots I think I hear outside are actually very loud backfires from motorcycles and there is no street war taking place.
7. Kicking my host families soccer ball into the pond will not win my brownie points (not to mention my host father sat and waited in hopes that it would float back). 8. Allowing someone else to plan your day, food, and sleep schedule certainly makes life extremely easy!
9. Buying a hairdryer in the country is quite the elaborate process (blog to follow regarding the purchase of the hairdryer). 10. Stop signs do not exist and you have to have 100% trust in the other driver that they actually will stop
11. We will never go hungry!
12. Sleep is overrated
13. My english is getting worse
14. Lastly, Rotarians are the most loving, kind people and they open not only their homes but hearts to our friendship and I am internally grateful for their hospitality! – Brooke Green