A trip to the supermercado


I keep saying that I am ‘eating my way across Argentina’ because I am so excited to experience the tastes of this country and the role food plays in the culture.

I am writing more about my foodie thoughts on my personal blog http://idahofoodies.com/

This morning, I stopped in a supermarket to see the small differences. Because, while much is familiar and similar here – much is different 🙂

– Carne (meat) is truly king. The meat cases have different cuts of vaca (cow) than in the states. The dark sausages in the back will look familiar to Basques – morcilla (blood sausage) is popular here.
– Items that we usually have in bottles are in plastic bags here – like leche (milk) and mayonnaise. Speaking of which, mayo is big as a condiment.
– The coffee aisle is really the mate aisle for the favorite drink of Argentina – Yerba mate.
– Lunch and dinner always have wine. Your beverage choices are typically coca cola, a citrus soda or wine. When there is water it is ‘con o sin gas’ (with or without gas/soda). Oftentimes at the cafe or in homes you are offered the popular Argentine beer Quilmes
– We’ve also been offered the alcoholic apertif ‘Frenet’ – usually mixed with soda water or coca cola. It doesn’t taste very pleasant but its supposed to help with digestion.

– Jessi